Our Story

HEART is a brand of healthy and nutritious snacks for babies and toddlers sold in over 1000 locations in Israel, trusted and loved by parents and kids alike.

Why do babies and toddlers need healthy snacks?

  1. Controlled exposure to various allegens for reducing the risk of development of food allergies
  2. Exposure to new food tastes, textures, colors
  3. Development of independence using healthy finger foods
  4. Cultivation of healthy nutrition habits via healthy foods with low sugar or salt content made with natural ingredients

HEART is a children’s health food and snack company with a vision to help children grow up into healthy adults as well as help them form healthy eating habits.

HEART makes healthy snack options to help kids acquire taste for a variety of legumes, grains, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds with its premium snacks that come in different tastes and colors. Made with the best ingredients and oven-baked, these treats will satisfy your kids’ appetites as well as promote healthy growth due to high vitamin and mineral content. In addition, because exposure to a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts has been shown to decrease instances of allergy development, HEART snacks have been recommended by the Israeli pediatricians and healthcare professionals.

For your convenience, the product packages have special markings indicating their nutritional value. In addition, we have added a HEART saying to each package, a little something for you that opens the heart.


All HEART products have been produced using the newest technologies based on the most recent and updated research. We believe that you, our customers, deserve the best and the most innovative products that are safe, nutritious and healthy.

We keep updated on all the new developments in pediatric nutrition, including new research and global standards, as well as natural flavors and ingredients in order to make  products the little ones love. Our founders’ decades of experience in children’s nutrition products informs our decisions regarding product taste, texture and ingredient directions.


The importance of right nutrition in maintaining the ultimate health and rate of development in babies and toddlers cannot be overemphasized.

We at HEART believe that anything that doesn’t go hand in hand with maintaining our and our children’s health has no justification – and that applies to snacks just as much as it does to the bulk of their nutrition, be it breast milk, formula, fruits and vegetables and other foods babies and toddlers consume throughout the day.

All HEART products have been tested for health benefits and are recommended by pediatricians and healthcare professionals for adding essential nutrients to your child’s diets as well as acquiring new tastes for vegetables, reducing the risk of development of food allergies and even development of fine motor skills.


We believe that safety is the utmost priority for anything designed or produced for use by humans. This is especially true in products designed for infants and children.

At HEART, all the ingredients, production materials, equipment, methodology and production processes are certified and on par with the highest safety standards and requirements. .

All HEART products have been tested and found to be 100% safe for use.


At HEART, we feel that our consumers – infants, children and parents – are entitled to the best quality and most user-friendly products, which includes the packaging, the texture and size of the snacks, as well as the amount of clean-up required. While we encourage our little customers to have fun and get messy, as children should, our products make it easier on the parents to deal with the little messes created.

We believe that it simply helps make our daily tasks easier and more pleasant, as well as provide time for the things that are really important.

All HEART products have been tested for comfort and user friendliness and have been found easy to operate on all aspects by all users.


As permanent residents of Earth, we believe that any production process should avoid environmental damage – whether direct damage to animal and plant life or any long term damage resulting from improper use of resources of pollution.. All HEART products have therefore been examined for all of these aspects. HEART products have no animal ingredients and are 100% cruelty-free.

You can rest assured that all HEART products are safe for use and have environmentally safe production processes.


Life is here and now and should involve as many pleasures as possible, small or big – no matter, as long as they are fun. As we grow older, we tend to forget the importance of having fun, maybe because are burdened with many responsibilities or because we simply don’t have time!

At HEART, we believe that if we can add fun and pleasure to everything, then why not do so? At a young age, kids are all about exploring anything new in their path, and food is a major part of their lives. Making food playful and fun helps create healthy food habits, building a foundation for the kids’ future development and continuing to influence them as adults. Health is not a game, but when your baby’s food is fun and healthy, it’s a win-win for everyone. And that’s what HEART is all about.