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HEART is a new, babies and infants cross category consumer products brand.

HEART was established following many years of initiating and developing baby products as well marketing leading international baby brands.

The name HEART was chosen to express the values underlying our work. Our outlook is based on values that are beyond purely business, with the belief that genuine heartfelt intent makes everything just a little better. Selection of the brand products was based on our professional experience as well as our personal experience as parents.

We intend to offer a wide range of quality products for babies, children and parents, each of which will have at least one added value that will improve existing standards.

Improvement will be in terms of health, comfort, safety, environment protection, taste or pleasure, etc.

For your convenience, the product packages will have special markings indicating their added value.

In addition, we have added a HEART saying to each package, a little something for you that opens the heart.

Our range of products will be gradually increased to include bottles and accessories, toiletries, hygiene and mouth hygiene products, baby and children foods, etc.


It is no longer easy to invent the wheel, because the chances are that in most areas, someone has already done it. What can we do? We can maintain the flame of innovation at all times and be alert and updated where technologies, research and development are concerned.

All HEART products have been produced by the best technologies based on the most recent and updated of researches. We believe that you, our customers, deserve the most innovative products.

It would appear that the world already understands that maintaining health is a prime value. Human awareness, know-how and experience are advanced and rich enough to prevent mistakes made deliberately or not that injure health.

We at HEART believe that anything incoherent with maintaining our and our children's health has no existential justification.

All HEART products have been tested for health aspects and are safe to use.


At HEART, we believe that things in service to or for use by people should be safe. This is especially true in products designed for infants and children.

Safety is a very wide ranging term that includes, among others, the production materials, the production process, the product parts and structure, the use and so on.

All HEART products have been tested and found to be perfectly safe for use.


At HEART, we feel that our consumers infants, children and parents are entitled to the best quality and most comfortable products.

We believe that it will make all daily tasks easier and more pleasant and we believe that this will provide time for the things that are really important.

All HEART products have been tested for comfort and user friendliness and have been found easy to operate on all aspects by all users.

As permanent residents of Earth, we believe that any production process should avoid environmental damage whether direct damage to animal and plant life or any long term injury. All HEART products have therefore been examined for all of these aspects.

You can rest assured that all HEART products are safe for use and have environmentally safe production processes.



Life is here and now and should involve as much pleasures as possible, small or big no matter, as long as they are fun. As we grow older, we tend to forget the importance of having fun, maybe because we are required to much more responsibilities.

At HEART, we believe that if we can add fun and pleasure to everything, then why not do so? HEART products are fun and pleasing to use. We hope you feel that immediately.

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