Ktamtaminim – Tahini (Sesame) Snack for Babies

Ktamtaminim – Tahini (Sesame) Snack for Babies


Made for babies 6 months and older or to include in food introduction at 4 months old. The first snack your baby will eat!

Net Weight: 45 g


Our Ktamtaminim Tahini are nutritious and delicious! they help  improve your baby’s fine motor skills as it’s easy and fun to grab onto the snack’s stick shape. The snack melts in the baby’s mouth just like our other Ktamtaminim peanut butter snacks except with the amazing addition of tahini (made with pure sesame), rich in proteins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron. Consist of 50 percent tahini (sesame) as well as corn and rice and is fortified with vitamins and minerals – a healthy snack with a great taste your baby will love.

Kosher Parve under the supervision of Badatz Ada Charedi Yerushalayim,



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