Tivonim – Whole Grain Finger Food Snack for Babies & Toddlers


Tivonim – Whole Grain Finger Food Snack for Babies & Toddlers


Our slightly sweet, whole grain snack rings!

Made for infants, 9 months and older.

Contain only 8% added sugar!

Net weight: 45 gr



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This healthy snack helps in the development of fine motor skills and eye hand contact – in accordance with the guidelines of health professionals. Tivonim are shaped like a well known cereal, which parents often give to their babies as snacks; however, unlike other cereals, Tivonim are loaded in many essential vitamins, minerals, nutritional fibres, and specifically calcium and magnesium your baby needs. They have a natural vanilla flavor and they simply melt in your baby’s mouth. Your baby will love everything about Tivonim!

It is highly recommended  in the first few days of consumption to cut the ring in half and offer to the baby, in order to accommodate him to the shape and size of this healthy  snack.

Kosher Parve under the supervision of Badatz Ada Charedi Yerushalayim, certified by VEGAN FRIENDLY


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