Ktamtaminim – Peanut butter & Corn Snack for Baby

Ktamtaminim – Peanut butter & Corn Snack for Baby


Made for children 6 months and older, or to include in food introduction to your baby at 4 months old. The first snack your baby will eat!

Contains omega 3, Enriched with vegetable protein, 16 vitamins and minerals, dietary fibers and prebiotics. .

Net Weight: 45 g


Our peanut butter and corn snacks are created to introduce your baby to peanuts at a young age to reduce the risk of developing a peanut allergy, and once again to improve their fine motor skills through  its easy to grab onto stick shape. Our Ktamtaminim Peanut snacks contain Omega 3, have added vegetable protein and are fortified with vitamins, minerals dietary fibers and prebiotics. They are filled with all of the essential nutrients your baby should be getting, disguised by an amazing nutty flavor! They simply melt in your baby’s mouth.

Kosher Parve under the supervision of Badatz Ada Charedi Yerushalayim, certified by VEGAN FRIENDLY


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