When Should Babies Be Exposed to Foods and What Should They Try First?

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When Should Babies Be Exposed to Foods and What Should They Try First?

In a world with a fast growing population, we can guarantee there are some new mothers out there, trying to take care of their new baby each day at a time while making sure they do everything correctly!


Some of the questions these new mothers may ask themselves are; is my baby getting enough sleep? Is my baby getting enough to eat? And then…the big question pops up. Is it really the time for me to start feeding my baby solids and what solid should I introduce first? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve done my research and I’m back to recommend how you Mommas out there can best help bub to get the nutrients they need!



Most health authorities recommend that babies are ready to start being introduced to foods between the ages of 4-6 months as a complimentary to their breast milk or formula. So, because different babies develop at different paces, some signs to look out for that may indicate your bub is ready for food include; seeing your baby can sit up with support and hold their head up right, seeing your baby is perhaps interested in the food you’re eating or seeing your baby mouthing their hands and toys and well, anything they can get their hands on!



If after seeing some of those indicators, you feel your baby is ready to eat, this is how to start! The vague guideline is to introduce single foods with no salt or sugar and wait for 5 days before introducing a new food, just in case your baby has an allergy or bad reaction! So.. they say no sugar, but does that mean fruit should be introduced last? Really the choice is left with you as a parent. Some parents recommend starting off with vegetables as opposed to fruit in order to avoid their babies getting too use to sweet foods.



However, whether you first give your baby avocado or banana or go through all the vegetables before introducing all the fruits or do a pattern of one fruit then one vegetable, as long as you are waiting to see none of these foods upset your baby before adding something new, everything should be alright!


As long as your baby is happy and healthy and feelings its best, keep doing what you’re doing!